We had a whopper crop of athletes qualify for Kona at Ironman Uk but only two of the three took their slots. Click on through for all of the details…

Ladies first. Ger Kelly of Wexford not only qualified for Kona but took the top step of the podium in her age group. I believe she declined her slot so wont race in Kona this year.

Ger raced in the 55-59 age group and exited the water in second in her age group. She then went onto ride an age group fastest bike split and the third fastest run split in her division.


Emmet Kelly also took a Kona slot with second in his age group and an incredible 10th overall including the pros. It’s unfortunate for Emmet that the fastest age grouper of the day, Brian Fogarty, just happened to place 4th overall as well as winning the age group race.

Emmet got out of the water in  72nd overall and 15th in his age group. He then went onto ride the 5th fastest time in his age group and ran an unbelievable 2:54:55 marathon on what is one of the hardest (not to mention accurate) Ironman run courses I’ve done.

This will be Emmet’s first appearance in October in Kona.



Michael Mc Carron despite racing in the same age group as Emmet had a very different experience of race day. He exited the water in 8th in his age group with a 59:34 swim.

On the bike he rode a very solid 5:25:56 which was the 3rd best bike split in the age group. He then went on to do a really solid 3:14:49 which on the IMUK course is a great run.

Michael finished 4th in one of the most competitive age groups of the day and took what I believe is his first Kona slot.

I’m not connected to Ger on Facebook so couldn’t get a picture of her to add to the article. If anyone out there knows her you might put us in touch or if you’re reading Ger send me a photo through the contact form on the website and I’ll update it.

I’ve added all three athletes to the Irish at Kona page here. If I’ve missed anyone let me know.


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