Choose to lie on, choose a new tv, choose to party, choose cake, choose coffee, choose another beer, choose easy, choose life.

The famous “choose life” bit of Trainspotting doesn’t include the line “choose hardship” and why would it when we are told that life should be easier, more comfortable, richer, tastier, faster or more fun. Why in the world would you choose hardship? 

Maybe because it’s only at the far side of hardship that we can really be happy or achieve something worth doing.

Choose to ride outdoors when it’s wet, cold and windy.

Choose to use the stairs instead of the lift.

Choose the healthy option for lunch instead of the “tasty” unhealthy one.

Choose to do that workout that is scheduled for today even though you don’t feel like it.

Choose the satisfaction of a long solo bike  ride.

Choose the knowledge that you are one of the very few people who can get through a two hour turbo session.

Choose the endorphin buzz after a hard run.

Choose being the only one out running when it’s dumping down rain and three degrees.

Choose tempo runs, lactate threshold sets and maximal intervals.

Choose the rewards that come from hard work and dedication. Get dressed, go out and run.

Choose hardship. It’s not a dirty word.

Choose life. A real one.

Then after the run choose coffee and cake.

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