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Robs Blog: Happy Irish Dogs Calendar

As many of you may know Aisling and myself have become quite involved in dog rescue. We take in and foster pups until they are rehomed. But the dog rescues are the real heroes who take in abandoned, ill and neglected dogs and find them homes.

The Happy Irish Dogs Calendar 2018 has been produced by Sambor of Happy Irish Dogs to raise funds for the Dublin Husky Rescue. 100% of the money raised goes to rehoming, feeding, medical care of abandoned, abused or neglected dogs that are taken in by Andy at the Dublin Husky Rescue.

The calendar even features our own two Boxer dogs on the cover, Cooper and Pupper the Screwball.

You can buy the calendar online here or in store at Wheelworx, Fonthill

Every euro spent is sent directly to the Dublin Husky Rescue including the postage if you choose shipping as opposed to in store pickup.

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Chris Froome running in the Tour de France: The mindset of a champion

I’m not a Froome fan, or at least I wasn’t. I’m not too sure why but I just never took to him. But his actions this week in racing aggressively, attacking when tradition suggest he probably shouldn’t like on a descent or on a flat stage meant for the sprinters and taking time from his main rivals in both instances is starting to win me over. Yesterday evening Ais called me when I was in work excitedly asking if I’d seen the Tour? Of course not I answered I work much too hard to be watching cycling when I should be working….

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