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The Kona Project: Robs Training Diary: Week 31 

Only four weeks to go. You spend all year preparing for an event that seems so far away and then all of a sudden it’s almost upon you. Four week to go means I’ve really only got two weeks training left when you factor in the taper. A couple of long rides and runs is all that’s left before easing back.

I’m divided between the thoughts that I’m not ready, not fit enough, haven’t done enough training and the desire to get it over with. It’s the longest lead into any race I’ve done and I’m getting to the stage that I’m tired of the training and want my life back, I want to lie in instead of getting up at 5am to go out for another 6 hour ride, I want to have a morning reading or loafing around the city (this usually only lasts until about 24 hours after the race then I want to go at it all again) anyway let’s get onto this weeks update.

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The Kona Project: Robs Training Diary. Week 30

Monday 15 

Very tired after all the excitement of Ironman Dublin 70.3 yesterday so just did some push ups and crunches and had a nap.

Tuesday 16 6:50 (2)

Bike 5:55 180k

Run :55 9.5k

Felt guilty after no training yesterday so I probably went out a bit hard to make up for it. A bit too hard as it happens and I was more than a little fried by the end of the ride. It was also a very long way off the usual negative split I would do on a long ride where I tend to start easy and build into the ride as I go.

I just went easy on the run off the bike. Not really out of choice but because that was the only gear I had today. I even had to stop at a shop and eat a Mars bar, a pack of Fruit Pastilles and a large Coke in the middle of the run I was hanging so badly. That sort of makes me think it wasn’t just poor pacing on the bike but also poor nutrition. I had to fight the urge to speed up on the way back to get it over with as the sugar overdose kicked in. I reckon I would have keeled over if I tried. Click through to read more

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Rob’s Training Diary: The one about the dog

Ok so for those of you who maybe haven’t been around here from the start or have maybe missed some weeks lets recap where we are with things. We got ourselves a dog. It turns out that I’m allergic to dogs, or at least I’m allergic to this dog. It makes me very tired and it becomes rather difficult to train when I can’t get off the couch.
Lets go back to the start. It all kicked off a couple of months ago when Cooper came home. Actually, no, it started quite a while before that. Lets go back about two years.

2014: Ais excitedly waves her phone at me squealing isn’t he goooorgeous!! Can we get a dog?? Can we get a dog?

Me: Yes he’s lovely and no.

Ais; but why? he’s so gorgeous and cute and I’d look after him.

Me because dogs poo everywhere, pee everywhere and eat all the stuff and I know who will end up cleaning up the poo. And who will look after it when we’re away? It’s probably also important to point out that you are terrified of dogs.

Ais: Aw but I’d love him!

This conversation went on for months. Another cute pug picture or video on Facebook would elicit another round of doggy love and another round of the poo, dogsitter and terror answer.

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Project Kona: Robs Training Diary. Week 29

This week will likely see a reduction in training hours due to work which as it happens is well timed. I’m starting to feel the effects of the last big block. Ironman visits Dublin for the 70.3 this week on its European Tour and we are the bike partner so it will mean a very busy weekend in work. It’s one of the races I would rather work at than race as I’m able to enjoy the buzz of a huge event without having to worry about racing it. Anyway click on through for this weeks update.

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The Kona Project: Robs Training Diary. Week 28

At the moment it feels like I’m getting stronger almost every time I train and that the body is really starting to handle and absorb the training load. I’ve hit almost 40 hours training in the last 10 days including some hard sessions and even with the increased training load I’m still feeling good. There has been a marked improvement over the last 2 weeks. I’ve gotten a new antihistamine which seems to have made a big difference. I’ve also had some time off work which is helping hugely with recovery between sessions.

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The Kona Project: Robs Training Diary: Week 26

This was a “testing the body/build week” after the last few weeks of not feeling great and I’m pretty happy with how it went. I managed close to 18 hours training again and I got a decent long ride as well as a couple of medium runs done. The only swim of the week was short but reasonably good quality and the splits weren’t bad. I’m hoping that the consistent 7 months of training has given me enough of a base that when we get what we think is the dog allergy problem that all of the built up fitness will just pop out.

Like magic.

At least that’s the hope.
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The Kona Project: Robs Training diary. Week 25

I’ve been debating what to say in this weeks blog. 3 sessions in a week does not a Kona qualifier make. Admitting I’m having problems feels like admitting to failure but something’s not right and hasn’t been for a quite some time. The training hasn’t been having the usual effect and I don’t seem to be getting the resulting gains in speed and fitness I normally do with the level of training I’ve been doing. It’s been gnawing away at the back of my head that something’s wrong but I kept on telling myself it would come good in time. I also kept on telling myself that it was just the training volume and load that had me constantly tired but I think there’s something more than that. I’m seeing a doctor next week and we will hopefully get some answers. Anyway Let’s get on with this weeks fairly short update.

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The Kona Project: Robs Training Diary Week 24

Total training hours doesn’t always tell the whole story. Most of the time For me 18 hours is a good amount of training for the week but at this stage the quality of it is probably more important. Considering I didn’t get a long run or bike in this week hitting 18 hours is pretty good but not getting two of my key sessions done isn’t.

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The Kona Project: Robs Training Diary week 23

I woke Monday feeling great which is a really good sign considering the fact that I did close to 7 hours training the previous day. It really shows that the training is working. I feel like I’ve spent the last 6 months just getting fit enough to train properly. It’s taken that long for the body to adapt to the constantly increasing loads and now at last I’m comfortably getting through a 7 hour day and feeling good afterwards. I’m really looking forward to some more hard, long days as I think they too will start to deliver bigger improvement as I’m becoming better able to cope with them.

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The Kona Project: Robs Training Diary: Week 22

Week 22

This week I manage to hit 20 hours for the first time in a while and on Sunday I have a real breakthrough session, not just because of how well it went but also because of how quickly I recovered after it. After months of slogging through hard slow bike rides I’m starting to see results. Ironman is such a long slow process, and progress seems particularly slow and hard in the early stages but if you just keep on ticking off the sessions and doing the work the results inevitably come.

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