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Robs Blog: Training Hours: Week Starting 8th October 2018

For the second week in a row we went out to do a twenty mile race on Sunday and for the second time in a week I was surprised with the result.

The swim and bike training seems to be having a very positive effect on my running. The fitness is transferring and I guess the legs aren’t getting too beaten up because I’m not actually doing that much running.

There was also a trail marathon being run at the same time as the twenty miler we had entered. I was really itching to run it instead although I was careful not to suggest this to Ais.

I knew it was a bad idea… I’m not completely stupid… Read More

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Robs Blog: You’re not made of sugar Cummins

It’s raining outside. It’s two degrees with a real feel of minus three. It’s dark and miserable out. I think of all the reasons why I shouldn’t get on the bike.

Ironman Lanzarote is, like, eight months away, missing one ride probably won’t hurt.

I have work to do that somehow seems much more pressing than when the sun is shining.

Checking emails, checking orders, checking sales numbers checking the weather app.

Checking anything that means I’m not planting my arse on the saddle and going out into the cold.

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Robs Blog: Training Hours: Week Starting 1st October

The early part of the week was very focused on recovery. The latter part not so much…

I got slightly carried away at a 3/4 marathon that we were doing as a training day on Sunday and ran it quite hard.

It turned out to be a day to ignore what the Garmin was telling me (that I was going too fast) and listen to the what the legs and body were telling me (to go faster)

In the end I ran considerably faster and for longer than I would have thought I had any right to given my current fitness and training level.

You can read the report of that race here

Anyway, onto the numbers… Read More

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Robs Blog: Race Report: Tarmonbarry 3/4 Marathon 2018

For those who don’t want a lot of reading you can skip to the end for the result and the Strava file with splits and times.

“What way are you going to run today, are you going to race hard?” Ais asked in the car on the drive down.

“I’m not fit enough to race for 32k. So I was thinking I’d go easy for 10k then pick it up a bit for the next 22k if the legs cooperate. What do you think?” I asked.

What I was really thinking was that I was very nervous at the prospect of a 32k run and was more concerned with survival than pace. I’ve probably run 20k once in the last six months and could count the number of actual training runs in the same period on the fingers of one hand. Read More

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Robs Blog: Training Numbers: Week starting 24th September

I’m now almost a month into training it’s funny how the first couple of weeks back are in a lot of ways the hardest.

Re-establishing the routine and getting used to the early starts in the mornings again. Becoming organised and planning ahead to make sure I’ve the right gear with me for the days sessions.

It takes a couple of weeks for that stuff to be just a regular part of your day. Something that you do without really thinking about it. But that routine is now more or less set and the training is once again just a normal part of my day and week.

If you want to follow the numbers more closely I’m on Strava as Rob Cummins Wheelworx or click here and the magic of html will bring you straight there…

So far the it’s going really well. In fact I’m starting to reach the point where I should back off and recover for a couple of days. I should see the warning signs for this by now. But I never do (or maybe I just choose to ignore them…) Read More

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Robs Blog: Gator trail half marathon: Race report

“If at any point you’re running along and decide to try to avoid the puddles then let me tell you right now. You will not get around this course with dry feet. There are two stretches of about 100 yards where the trail is under water. It will come up to, like, maybe mid calf or maybe even your knees” Then he looks at all 5’2 of Ais and adds “It might actually get above some of your knees”

This report got mostly written last year and then forgotten about. I recently found it and thought I’d finish and post it. I hope you enjoy it.

Because it’s written a year after the fact it may be slightly factually imperfect (exaggerated) as my memory makes me into a bigger hero than I actually was on the day.

But we never let the facts get in the way of a good story.


Read More

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Robs Blog: Training Hours Week Starting 17th September

So two weeks in and I’ve managed to hit three swims, bikes, runs and strength and conditioning sessions each week so far. There’s consistency and dedication for ya…

This week was actually a pretty decent one hours wise and I’m starting to feel sort of half way fit. Well, fit enough to get around a ride and run without needing a nap afterwards.

I’m also on Strava as Rob Cummins Wheelworx if you want to follow my training and sessions in more detail.

Anyway, onto the numbers.  Read More

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Robs Blog: Containment Issues: Split shorts malfunction

I’m in the middle of a 90 minute run and have a couple of ten minute hard intervals to do. I count down to the start of the first hard block and then accelerate up to speed.

It’s been a long time since I’ve run hard. Actually it’s been a long time since I’ve run at all. It’s almost five months since Ironman Texas and since I’ve trained properly.

In the intervening months I’ve jogged with the dogs a couple of times but that invariably involves poo stops (for the dogs, not me…well usually not for me anyway) and various detours into bushes.

So not exactly what you’d call training. Read More

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Robs Blog: Training Hours: Week starting 10th September

I’m going to split the blog into two parts each week. There seems to be some interest in the numbers. How many hours, kilometres, sessions or meters I manage to squeeze in each week. That’s this one. It’ll probably be a Wednesday post.

I’m also on Strava as Rob Cummins Wheelworx if you want to follow my training and sessions in more detail.

And as long as I can keep think of some semi entertaining story there will be a Monday Blog too which going on recent trends will probably be about the size of my arse (which Asho seems to think is shrinking) despite bursting out of several pairs of shorts.

Anyway, this week is really my first proper weeks training in months. I’ve entered Ironman Lanzarote in May which is 37 weeks away.

The next couple of months is just about rebuilding some basic fitness and strength so that when I get to January I’ll be in good enough shape to handle the harder sessions in the last twenty weeks.

So to get caught up. Since April I have swam a grand total of twice.

I know, I know. Read More

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Robs Blog: Two Pack


Jesus I haven’t seen that number for a long time.

Maybe the scales is wonky. I step off, pick it up, shake it (you will note that I have technical proficiency in spades) switch it off and back on, give it another shake just in case the first one wasn’t quite enough and place it carefully back on the floor making sure that it’s level and reset correctly.

Ok it says 0.00 before I step up. There it is again 65. Holy shit the last time I was this light I was running like….I can’t think of any funny simile so let’s just say I was running well. Really well. I was also biking well uphill but not so good on the flat.

The problem with the number this time is that it’s not as a result of a savage training and strict nutritional regime. It’s mostly the result of having a stomach bug that’s dragged on for a couple of weeks.

Still, I look down at my stomach and think that if I squint just a little bit I can see one or two bits of a six pack starting to peep through. Or maybe that’s just a couple of wrinkles…If only I’d actually done all of those crunches and planks I’d planned on…

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