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The Kona Project: Robs Diary Week 13

This was one of the best weeks training I’ve had in years, certainly the best since I’ve been back Ironman training this time around. I’ve been addressing specific issues like bike strength and I’ve also been adding quality runs to the mix so the volume and intensity combine to make it a hard but very satisfying week.

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The Kona Project: Robs Training Diary Week 12

Normal service is resumed, mostly, with a return to normal training volume albeit at a slightly easier intensity. The dog is even contributing to the training now (as opposed to killing me with the allergy) as we are doing some evening runs with him meaning I’m getting some good double run days added in as a bonus.

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The Kona Project: Rob’s Training Diary Week 11


The allergy to the dog seems to be under control and I managed to achieve the first aim for the week just to get back training in any way shape or form. I wasn’t concerned with intervals, quality or anything else. I just wanted to get a week of solid, consistent hours again. I’ll worry about adding in the quality of strength work or intervals, I just wanted to get back to basics. It really felt like going back to base training again, I felt unfit and like I’ve lost all the work I’ve done. The nervous insecure part of the athlete in me has been worrying about not just losing training time but losing the fitness I’ve built so far. The logical part of me knows that it won’t happen but the irrational fear gnaws at my stomach whenever I let it. I don’t know if it’s just me or if all athletes have the same sort of fears? I’ll probably feel the complete opposite in a couple of weeks as my confidence grows as the training starts to build again.

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Robs Training Diary: March Wrap up

The last few days of the month saw the first half way decent return to training in over three weeks. I still don’t feel great, but to be honest I’m just very relieved to be back training again. The prospect of moving into a shed to get away from the dog was looming large for the last week but it looks like I’ll get away with it at this stage.

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The Kona Project: Robs Training Diary Week 10

Training wise things really fall apart this week and I end up with the worst week since January. On the plus side though I make some excellent progress with sorting out the back and the nerve problems. I’m working with two of the best Physio’s I’ve found anywhere. If you’re looking for a really expert triathlon physiotherapist these guys are the business. Cillian is taking on clients and he hangs out over here. Tell him Rob sent you. Read on for the very short update on the weeks lack of  training… Read More

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Industrial Style Sports Massage: Using A Car Polisher

I’ve mentioned our strength and conditioning coach John Belton of No.17 PT before in other posts. I’ve said that he’s the best S&C coach I’ve worked with and his willingness to try out new ideas is just one of the things I like about him. He’s always ready to experiment with something different. Today however I was the object on which he demonstrated his crazy new idea in sports massage. When he took out this big piece of equipment I joked that it looked like a car polisher.  He answered with a smile that that’s exactly what it was.

I started to worry. Some of the stuff John has us do hurts a lot. This looked very industrial and I’m only a soft triathlete. This might not be so pleasant.

Ais was on the ball and caught it on video. It was a very interesting experience. Click through if you don’t mind watching a half naked skinny triathlete getting whacked with a piece of automotive mechanical equipment.

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Kona Project: Ironman Training Diary: March Week 7 


What I think I look like when I’m squatting.

February went really well and my motivation to train is high. I’m starting to see some physical adaptations in all three sports but probably most pronounced in the swim. The other good development is that my back is getting better. For the last couple of months I’d been lazy about doing my prescribed strength and conditioning and as a result where I’d had surgery my back had gotten gradually weaker and, particularly first thing in the morning I would be in pain and unable to bend over. I’ve been a bit more diligent about getting the work done and I’m starting to see the benefits. Probably the most critical aspect of the process isn’t getting fit enough to race and qualify but to get the weakest link in the chain (my back) strong enough that it will support the training and racing load. It’s rarely a lack of fitness that is the limiting factor for Ironman. Often it’s the fact that our weakest area will start to break down. If my back goes during either training or racing then it’s game over, therefore it, not fitness is my limiting factor at the moment. The volume and load of training will show up every weakness over the next few months. It will be very important to be proactive and address them before they become injuries. Anyway let’s move onto the weeks training.

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