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The cost of the Ironman experience

One of the attractions for me of doing my first Ironman was the idea that completing one would be life a changing experience and also something that would change me as a person. I thought it would somehow be enlightening or provide a new insight on life or myself.


As I crossed the finish line of my first Ironman in Nice, France back in 2008, I like a lot of first timers was in pretty bad shape. As I came to a stop and a girl placed that medal around my neck I wasn’t that delirious that I’d forgotten why I was doing this. I was almost looking skyward waiting for the expected epiphany. As I stood there I started to black out and slowly crumpled to the ground. The staff assisted me out and put me sitting on the grass. Once they ascertained I was ok they left me alone. All the time I was still waiting expectantly for that epiphany, for that moment of enlightenment.

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Robs Blog: Ironman training: May 2017. Week 3

Ais and Grace are away so that means myself and Cillian are home alone. Well aside from the dogs that is. I’m also working a lot at the moment. I’ll be working 21 days straight through now after Lanza. So if I want to get any training done it will mean getting really disciplined and organised with general planning and food preparation.
Planning my own weeks training.

I’m not usually allowed do this but seeing as Ais is away I thought I’d take over my own training planning. I started to write out a plan on the flight back from Lanza after I planned out all of the logistics of the week. Work, commute, walking the dogs, shopping and food prep.

I’d just managed a 26 hour training week so figured that 15 hours would be an appropriate starting point. I wrote up all the sessions, read through it and happy that it would be a good weeks work I closed the computer.

As I sat there thinking about the plan I had the feeling that I’d better not tell Ais that I was planning a 15 hour week as my second week back training, especially as I’m working every day as well.

She’d start me back much more conservatively. I then asked myself what would I do if the plan I was writing was for someone else, would it have 15 hours and hard sessions?

The answer was no so I reluctantly opened the computer and deleted three sessions and shortened another two. I was down to 11 hours. That looks ok I thought. Click on through for the weeks update.. Read More

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Robs Blog: Ironman Training: Lanzarote Training camp

Two thoughts for the week while on training camp in Lanza with John Rogers.

  1. 1. Don’t waste belly space on less than excellent food while eating at a 4 star buffet.
  2. That and I think I know why they don’t have weighing scales in hotel rooms with as you can eat buffets.

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Ironman UK 2015 race report

I was just along for the ride in this Ironman. This was Aislings target race for the year and I had jumped in at the last minute via an entry with Nirvana so I had more invested in Ais’s performance than in my own but if I’m honest I secretly thought that with my swimming coming back to me much faster than I expected and my biking being strong, probably the strongest I’ve been after almost a year of just riding with no running or swimming. I would only have to run an ok marathon to scrape into a decent time and maybe, if there was a roll down, then there was the slim chance of a Kona qualifying slot.

I thought with about 8 weeks of running I could get in shape to run a decent 15k maybe 20 and surely history would get me through the last 20k…
Famous last words. Famous last stupid words…

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Becoming An Ironman Triathlete

I was listening to a podcast by a guy called Seth Godin when I got to thinking about at what point do we “become” a triathlete. Godin is something of an internet and business Guru and the recording was made while he was talking to a bunch of aspiring entrepreneurs.

He started by saying that if they wanted to become a neurosurgeon it would take something like fifteen years of study before you would ever be allowed open up someone’s skull. Quite rightly too. Brain surgery isn’t really something that you want an apprentice or beginner practicing on your noggin. Wondering where I’m going with this? Click on through to find out…

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The best of the month in Ironman. April 2017

This months Ironman news has been almost all about Ironman Texas. I’ve found a couple of really good race reports from female pro Jocelyn Gardner McAuley and fast Irish age grouper Ian Farrell.

Ironman Texas also saw an incredible return to racing for big yank über biker Andrew Starykowicz who, after a horrific crash where he was dragged along under a truck ended up with a back brace and leg in a full cast. Texas was his first Ironman since the crash and his bike and run splits are pretty impressive considering his accident was only eight months ago.

IM Talk also have a really inspiring interview with an athlete called John Young who’s the first person with dwarfism to complete an Ironman.

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Ironman training: Robs Blog: Week 11 2017. The one about two toenails

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, or something like that. This weeks featured image probably tells the story better than I can. Having bits of your body fall off is not something that you tend to share with peeps, maybe with the exception of medical professionals. And you certainly are not likely to be charming someone with cast off toe nails.

It’s not like getting a text from your wife telling you that she has found your missing wallet or car keys. This would most likely be met with a feeling of relief. Finding someone else’s old, dead, blackened toenail in the washing does not go down so well. Read More

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Do you care enough to get hit?

I was listening to a business podcast recently by a guy called Seth Godin where he told this story which I thought applied just as well to Ironman training as his situation.

Seth tells the story of playing ice hockey when he was in school and one of the drills they were being taught was where the coach would throw a puck into the corner (a bit of a misnomer as the ice didn’t have any actual corners) The two players were to race to get try to get the puck and each was then to try to take it towards opposite ends of the ice.

The natural inclination was to race to be the first to the puck but Godin realized that if he took the opposite approach and arrived a second later that the second player to the puck actually had the advantage. He could knock the first player off and steal the puck. He changed the target and the rules and he won almost every time.

It took about twenty tackles before the other players realized what he was doing at which point they too started to try to be second to the puck. This invariably led to a comic slowing of both players as they tried to arrive to the tackle second. In the end it led the the coach to ban Godin’s approach. But the lesson stuck with him. Click on through to read more…

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