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Robs Blog: Chasing Kona 2017: 18 weeks to go

I was chatting to Patrick my swimmer mate (the one who takes great pleasure in knocking lumps out of me in the pool) a while ago and had told him that I was finally going to have a go at the 100 x 100’s swim session I’ve been talking about for so long. I told him I was going to do it on my birthday, the 21st of July. Doing the 100 x 100 swim is a sort of triathletes birthday tradition, at least it is for the pros who are coached by Brett Sutton and who am I to second guess Sutto.

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Robs Blog: 100 x 100 swim: Race report

So I did a 10k swim the other day.

I know! A 10k swim! In a pool! 100×100’s!

In case you’re trying to work it out that’s 400 lengths of a 25m pool. I’d been talking about doing this swim for probably a year or more and Patrick my swimmer mate had been keeping the pressure on me.

Click on through to read how it went…

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#mykillersession part 3 Double Run Days 

Double run days.

I first started doing double run days back in 2012 but for as long as I’ve known about them I’ve always had a sort of fascination with the idea. The coach I was working with at the time was a big fan of them and he had them in the plan instead of a weekly long run. His thinking was that I could do more distance and quality work than in a standard long run but that the recovery was also quicker.

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#mykillersession Part 2

There’s an almost universal fascination with what other people do. Look at reality TV, well maybe don’t look at it because it’s rubbish but look at how much people love it. In sports terms we all want to know what the successful athletes do to give them the edge. What’s their #killersession? For me, and I would guess most athletes there’s the same sort of fascination with what those athletes do differently to us. In a series of posts over the coming months I’ll write about my favourite sessions and also the best I have found across not just triathlon but across all three individual sports.

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#mykillersession part 1

Every so often we hear about something that lights a fire inside of us. It can be a race or an event or even a training session that sounds exciting or challenging. For me one such session is the 100×100’s swim set. Ever since I heard of it I’ve had this strange sort of fascination with it. My longest ever swim at the time of writing is somewhere around 6.5km. The 100×100 is 10k (obviously) so that puts it up there for me as a long, long way to go. For real swimmers maybe a 10k swim isn’t that crazy but for any sort of triathlete it is an extraordinarily long time to be in the water. I’ve just passed up on the opportunity to be paced through it by a real swimmer. I think I mentioned it to a mate of mine, Patrick or maybe he read about it on my blog and he then messaged me to offer his help getting me through it. There was several convenient excuses not to try this time. I was too close to Ironman Mallorca, work was too busy, I had a sore throat but at the back of it all was the fear of the swim itself or maybe more honestly the fear of failure.

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