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Robs Blog: January 2017 Week 1

Looking down the barrel of a year filled with promise and potential I can’t help but wonder how we view a single day, a number as having such power. I don’t know quite why, when the calendar switches over from the 31st of December each year to the 1st of January we en-mass suddenly see our future as holding some promise that it didn’t have before.

Losing weight, getting faster, being happier, why do we believe in these possibilities because of an arbitrary number?

I’m no more immune to the allure of breaking old barriers and achieving something life changing regardless of how big or small and I have a slowly building excitement as we set some of the years targets and goals.

The first one will be the Boston marathon in April, both myself and Ais are running it and I’m just looking forward to feeling like a proper runner again for a while. I’d like to get my running to a level that will allow me then build towards a summer or autumn Ironman but I’ll wait to see how the body handles the return to training first before hitting enter for a race I mightn’t be ready for.

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Is This The Fastest You Will Ever Be

When we are at the height of our powers I think it is often accompanied by the belief that we can be faster. If we just train a little more, better, harder, smarter we can push on to that next level. But what if this is as good as it ever gets. And what if we miss enjoying it because we are so focused on how much better we can be tomorrow?

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How do you react to problems in racing or training? 

One of the mistakes I see people making with their training (and by people I really mean me) is being too reactive to our training on any given day or week.

When you’re training for Ironman it’s normal to be tired but being tired isn’t always a reason to not train. The tiredness itself isn’t necessarily the problem, the problem is our reaction to how we feel about it. When fatigue means that we start to go slower in training than we might ideally like to go it can then get into your head and make us doubt the training, or the plan, or the coach, or our own ability. Which can lead to panicking and what I call “reactive training” I like to think that I’ve gotten better at this over the years but Ais might have a different perspective.

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Ironman Fortaleza 2016: Lessons Learned

One thing that kept on coming back to me over the 24 and 48 hours afterward the race was how ridiculous it seemed to be chasing tiny gains like trying a new aero helmet or a faster chain or wearing a swim skin in the hope of gaining seconds or minutes when in fact what I needed to be competitive is almost an hour. It feels like putting the cart before the horse. I’ve always said that I didn’t want to lose out on a Kona slot by seconds or minutes for the lack of investing in the best equipment I could afford. But I think I first need to be in the right ballpark before chasing those gains.

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The Kona Project ’17: Robs Training Diary: Ironman Fortaleza 3 weeks to go

After the Dublin marathon at the weekend we took two days off completely. The aim was to run easy enough that we could make a more or less normal return to training by Wednesday. Neither of us had ever done a full marathon as a training run before so weren’t completely sure how this would work out. It turns out we seem to have gotten the effort about right as we were able to be back in the pool on Wednesday morning.

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The benefits of short sessions for Ironman Training

I’m a big volume guy. I not only enjoy the long sessions and the long races but I firmly believe it’s vital for success in Ironman. I’m frequently getting stick for my repeated banging of that drum. John, one of our athletes, reminds me with a wink and a grin whenever there’s a success in our squad “that’s the massive volume Rob”

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The Kona Project ’17: Robs Training Diary: Dublin Marathon 

I’m flattened after just three late nights and three days of over eating at the weekend and that’s without any alcohol. I’ve always been a bit of a lightweight when it comes to getting enough sleep. I’m like a 4 year old, I can’t function without my normal 8 hours. Anyway this week will see us hit the city streets to run the Dublin marathon. We will do it as a training run. That will make it by far the longest training run I’ll have ever done. It’ll be interesting to see how we recover after it. The plan is to run between 3:30-3:40 and hopefully that’s easy enough that we’re back training by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Read on to see how it goes.

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#mykillersession part 3 Double Run Days 

Double run days.

I first started doing double run days back in 2012 but for as long as I’ve known about them I’ve always had a sort of fascination with the idea. The coach I was working with at the time was a big fan of them and he had them in the plan instead of a weekly long run. His thinking was that I could do more distance and quality work than in a standard long run but that the recovery was also quicker.

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