I’ve found a couple of interesting Ironman articles online this month. Click on through to learn just how much is a weak swim costing you in Ironman. Why race entry fees are causing Dan Empfield of Slowtwitch problems. Just what is Irondog? And we also look at what have been the two most popular articles this month rights here on Tricoach.ie

This article in Lava Magazine is an excellent analysis on the effect that the swim has on the race in Kona but does it dispell the idea that the swim matters least in Ironman? Tim Floyd and Thorsten Radde of Trirating.com do a great job in turning the data into an interesting piece.

“Sebastian Kienle in 2014 was the exception to this rule with his phenomenal bike split, but he has not been able to replicate that success since his 2014 win. If we look at placing on the podium (top 3 overall) for men, again, there has only been one athlete in the last ten years that has made the podium and was more than 2 minutes down on the swim – Sebastian Kienle. If you are looking to make the top 10, then on the men’s side don’t lose more than 4 to 5 minutes on the swim”

“The come from behind wins are fewer with each passing year”

“I’ve heard from some professional triathletes who feel that 3 months of 50k a week is a serious commitment to the swim. They found they made gains but weren’t able to keep them over the long run. Their conclusion was the investment isn’t worth it. In my experience, that isn’t a big enough commitment to the swim to make the gains necessary to compete at the highest levels of the sport”

Thorsten crunches the numbers and Tim looks at it from the coaching and training perspective. Well worth a read. 

Dan Empfield founder and head honcho over at Slowtwitch writes some of the best, most interesting opinion pieces and this month takes a crack at the ever touchy subject of race entry fees, hidden charges and administration fees. You can check out his thoughts on the subject here

This one is particularly apt given our own canine situation. For anyone who’s been following my training blog you might know that I’ve had some allergy issues as a result of a recent addition to the household.

So with that in mind we somehow thought that another smaller canine addition would be a good idea. It’s sort of like the idea that whatever doesn’t kill me has to make me stronger…

Anyway it seems that you can now bring your hairy four legged buddy along for your triathlon adventures and not just to spectate. Check out this article where they highlight races like Irondog and Tridog

Of course much closer to home it’s worth mentioning the most popular article on the site this month which is my Ironman Fortaleza race report and also the article featuring the growing list of Irish athletes who’ve qualified for Kona in 2017. 

You can follow my blog right here as I document my training as I attempt to qualify for Kona again.

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