When I was first starting to try to qualify for Kona I spent hours scouring the internet for information on what training was required and how to go about it. I discovered some really good resources and over the years I’ve become a regular visitor to of a number of these websites to follow their about training. Click on through and read on for the highlights.

  • Endurance Corner

Endurance Corner was one of my first go to Kona information sources in my first couple of years attempting to qualify and later training for Kona. They did a series of articles specifically aimed at those interested in chasing a Kona slot. You can check that series out here

Is one of the most useful resources for athletes interested in qualifying for Kona. Russ Cox is a U.K based coach who runs some of the best analysis and reports on where is the best place to qualify for Kona. He goes into the most incredible detail in his Kona qualifying report about where the slots are, how many are in each age group, what were the fastest and slowest qualifying times and what the course is like. Head on over and check it out here.

  • Brett Sutton Blog

Brett is a bit of a legend in the sport. By a long way the most successful triathlon coach in the history of the sport. His blog has loads of really good no nonsense training articles and posts. Always opinionated, often causing ripples in the sport but always entertaining. You can check it out here.

  • Alan Couzens

Alan is a successful Ironman coach regularly having athletes on the big Island. He takes a very  scientific approach but his blog articles are often very interesting. He also writes a bit about what it takes to get to Kona and it’s always worth listening to someone with such a wealth of experience and success. You can check it out over here

  • Joe Friel

Joe has a very interesting blog on training in general. It’s not as Kona specific as the others on this list but he has years of experience and tons of interesting training articles on triathlon, cycling, training for ageing athletes and much more. You can check him out here.

  • Phil Maffetone

Phil was 7 time Kona winner Mark Allen’s coach and came up with the “Maffetone Method” Phil’s blog again while not Kona specific covers some of the cornerstones of good training principles. You can check it out here

Of course you can follow my blog right here as I document my training as I attempt to qualify for Kona again.

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