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Robs Blog: January 2019 update

January is done. I’m counting the weeks that are left of winter and in Ireland it could be anything from six to sixteen. I’ve ridden in March in short sleeves in the past and had snowy rides in May.

The optimistic side of me is thinking that there’s maybe only six weeks left before things get nicer for riding outdoors, but the realist knows that even if we get some mild weather in March that April is usually a wet month.

And absolutely anything can happen in May.

I’m regularly distracted by the thoughts that maybe I could swing a week cycling somewhere warm before winter ends.

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Robs Blog: Training Hours Week Starting 26th November 2018

I started back into the training today with a double turbo session and while it was quite enjoyable (actually that’s a complete lie it hurt like fuckery but it was quite satisfying afterwards) it might not have been the best idea.

I swam Tuesday morning and headed to the pool again on Wednesday morning and right from the start I just wanted to get out and snooze on the pool deck. I was fried, the last couple of weeks caught up with me and all I wanted to do was sleep, and eat cake. Have you ever noticed how a meltdown often leads to eating complete shite? So not only am I not training but I’m getting stuck into cake three times a day.

Anyway, lets get on with the numbers.

Monday 26 2:05 (2)


Bike 1:05 30k strength session

Bike 1:00 35k high intensity

Tuesday 27 1:00 (1)


Swim 1:00 2700m

Wednesday 28 :40 (1)


Swim :40 2000m

Thursday 29


Friday 30


Saturday 1


Sunday 2 1:45 (1)

Run 1:45 16.5k


  • Total 5:30 (5)
  • Swim 1:40 4700 (2)
  • Bike 2:05 65k (2)
  • Run 1:45 16.5k
  • S&C —


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Robs Blog: Training Hours Week Starting 12th November

This should probably be called my “Non-Training diary”… one swim, two runs and not a single pedal turned this week. For the sake of continuity I’ll post anyway despite the lack of training. 

Energy and time to train are very limited at the moment with the upcoming house move. We are trying to juggle selling, moving out, buying and moving in all in the one day, the buyer of our house and the seller of the new one are also doing the same. Resulting in lots of moving parts that we don’t have control of…

Anyway onto the training numbers. This won’t take long…

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Robs Blog: Bed v’s Turbo

I check my watch, it’s 6:04am. I stretch luxuriously and enjoy the warmth of the bed. Ais turns over beside me and settles up against me. I lie still so as not to disturb her (as opposed to lying still because I’m being a lazy bollox and not wanting to get out of the warm bed)

I’m thinking about coffee. The draw of that first strong black espresso fights against the pull of the bed. I check my watch, it’s 6:16.

I think about getting up again. Read More

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Robs Blog: Training Diary Week Starting 5th November

We are only just over a month from the ultra we’ve entered. I did tell you we’re doing an ultra? No? Oh, ok so. It’s only a short one though, a 50k trail race.

It’s on the Paramount Ranch in LA. Paramount as in the movie studios, it’s where they shoot the westerns and stuff where a desert would be an appropriate backdrop. There’s a decent but not crazy amount of elevation gain over the 50k. It looks like it’s about 1200m total climbing and descent and it’s run on a 10k lap.


The California wildfires have forced a location change which I have a feeling will involve rather a large jump in elevation gain… I’ll confirm when we know more.

Anyway we’ve really only got time for another four long runs before tapering so I can’t really afford to get soft and skip any.

So on to the weeks numbers…
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Robs Blog: Clontarf Half Marathon

We are in the middle of packing to move house so there’s not too much training going on this week. The highlight of the week was running the Clontarf half marathon with Ais, John and Bren on Saturday. 

I was under instructions to run hard. The thinking being there would be plenty of time for the legs and body to recover as I’m not going to be training to much. 

I figured that I was in sub 1hr30 shape. I wasn’t quite sure just how “sub” that would be though. Clontarf is just about the flattest course I’ve ever run but over six kilometres of it is run across the beach on sand which slows you a bit. It probably balances out if I’m honest. A course with some hills would possibly have a similar effect on the overall speed and result. 

Anyway that’s the excuses out of the way. 

If it all goes to shit it’s because of the sand, ok? Good, let’s get on with it so. 

If you’re not into the whole race report thing ad just want the numbers and Strava file click on through and scroll to the bottom of the post.

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Robs Blog: Training Hours Week Starting 29th October

The week after the marathon was going to be a bit of an unknown. I ran quite a bit quicker than I’d expected. I’d thought that I’d get around quite comfortably in about 3h15-3h20. But I have so little running done that I wasn’t sure. It’s always hard to know how the last 10k of a marathon will go but especially so having only a handful of runs done in training for it.

Things could go very pear shaped. And if they do go wrong it could also affect the length of time it will take to recover and delay my return to training. All of which could make running a marathon a bad idea.

As it happened I had a much better run than I expected. I started very conservatively behind the 3h20 pacers and stayed there for the first five kilometres. When I sped up and passed them I felt pretty good so held onto the faster pace.

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Robs Blog: The Fu€k it switch

Hitting the fuck it switch

There’s about twelve things pulling on my time at the moment.

We’re moving house in less than a week so there’s all of the packing to be done.

There’s trips to the bank to sign papers. There’s trips to the solicitor to sign yet more papers.

Just when I think all of the papers have been signed we have to go and sign more.

What the absolute fuck???

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Robs Blog: Training Hours: Week Starting 22nd October

I come out of the pool after a hard 3500m swim. A large portion of it with paddles, pull buoy and band. My shoulders, lats and arms are heavy and tired. And all pumped up like I’ve done a big gym session.

The muscles feel swollen and huge. I’m enjoying the feeling of “bigness”. Flexing the muscles as I walk (strut) off the pool deck.

I get into the changing room and glance at the mirror as I walk past to check out my newly built musculature only to discover that despite feeling like a mini Schwarzenegger I still look like exactly the same skinny little shit I was an hour ago when I went into the pool.

Somewhat deflated I shower, dress and go for a coffee.

And a protein shake…yes a protein shake will sort out the lack of muscle… Read More

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