We had two local athletes qualify for Kona in the last month. We may do well to try and “adopt” them under the “granny rule” that is common in international football especially as they are both fast. You can never have too many fast athletes representing at Kona. One of them took a slot at Ironman Wales, the other at Ironman Italy. Click on through for details 

Garron Mosley a South African living in Ireland took his third Kona slot in the inaugural Ironman Italy in September. Garron is a really well rounded athlete who has become very strong across all three disciplines.

Racing in the 40-44 age group Garron came close to breaking the 9 hour barrier, the holy grail of fast age groupers with a 9:03:58. He also took second place in the age group and 22nd overall.

  • Swim 52:19
  • T1 5:39
  • Bike 4:53:19
  • T2 3:51
  • Run 3:08:50
  • Overall 9:03:58

Mariusz Olejniczak is a Polish athlete living in, and running his own gym business, No1 Fitness in Kilcullen, Co Kildare. He took his second Kona slot at Ironman Wales with an incredible 12th place overall in September.

Mariusz only missed going sub 10 by 12 seconds on what is widely regarded as one of the most difficult courses in the world in what was very tough conditions even by Welsh standards. Mariusz also took home one of those coveted perspex Mdot trophies as he took second place in the 55-39 age group.

  • Swim 57:08
  • T1 8:32
  • Bike 5:37:53
  • T2 3:15
  • Run 3:13:26
  • Overall 10:00:12


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