One On One Specialist Coaching

We have limited places available for our individual one on one specialist coaching service

Details Here One On One Specialist Coaching

We have limited places available for our individual one on one specialist coaching service

Details Here One On One Specialist Coaching

We have limited places available for our individual one on one specialist coaching service

Details Here

#mykillersession part 3 Double Run Days 


Double run days.

I first started doing double run days back in 2012 but for as long as I’ve known about them I’ve always had a sort of fascination with the idea. The coach I was working with at the time was a big fan of them and he had them in the plan instead of a weekly long run. His thinking was that I could do more distance and quality work than in a standard long run but that the recovery was also quicker.

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Project Kona ’17: Robs Training Diary: Ironman Brazil – Fortaleza 


So, we’ve decided on our next race. We’re doing Ironman Brazil on the 20th of November. It was actually Ais’s suggestion that we go again straight away. She enjoyed Mallorca so much she was looking up races the next day. To be honest I don’t know if I’ll be any closer to qualifying fitness based on the amount of training I can fit in in the 6 weeks or so between Mallorca and Brazil but I’m all up for taking a crack at it. I really enjoyed racing Mallorca too and have a real hunger to go again straight away. Brazil looks like being a challenging race. A hard non wetsuit swim and typically very high temperatures should combine to make it a hard day.

So we’re back training as much as we can manage with all that’s going on for the next week or so.

Did I mention that we’re getting married in a week?

Read on for the weeks update.

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Ironman Training: Motivation Part 2


One of the differences between training for Ironman as compared to short course triathlon can be the fact that it can often tend to be quite solitary. This suits some athletes more than others in that some people find the social aspect of group or club training very motivating and enjoyable whereas other athletes do much better training alone. There are pros and cons to both.

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The Triathlete Physio Joins The Team At Wheelworx

We are delighted to announce that Cillian Moffat – The Triathlete Physio will be providing his services and expertise here in Wheelworx.
Cillian is a Chartered Physiotherapist who has focused his studies and interests on the sport of Triathlon, working with Triathletes of all abilities. Cillian is a Triathlete himself, and this year he has qualified for the Ironman and Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Kona and Chattanooga in 2017, aswell as the Challenge Half Distance World Championships in Slovakia.

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Project Kona ’17: Robs Training Diary: The Next Step


What’s next is the question I’ve been asked most since Mallorca. I’m still aiming for Kona ’17 and I have until August next year to qualify so the next question is where will we go to try again (Yes I do still think I can get back into good enough shape to qualify it’s just going to take a little longer than we had anticipated)

There’s a couple of options we’ve been looking at. The first is to go again this year and that would mean picking a North American or South American race probably in November. This would be tough as I won’t really get a whole lot fitter in that short a timescale and would mean having to have a perfect day and get lucky. Quite a big ask.

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#mykillersession Part 2


There’s an almost universal fascination with what other people do. Look at reality TV, well maybe don’t look at it because it’s rubbish but look at how much people love it. In sports terms we all want to know what the successful athletes do to give them the edge. What’s their #killersession? For me, and I would guess most athletes there’s the same sort of fascination with what those athletes do differently to us. In a series of posts over the coming months I’ll write about my favourite sessions and also the best I have found across not just triathlon but across all three individual sports.

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How to cope and learn from mistakes in Ironman


This is an excerpt from my Kona Lessons mini book. You can download it free here 
On Mistakes.

Mistakes, we all make them but I think in Ironman it is especially important to keep them to a minimum as we get so few chances to race each year. Learning from others mistakes is one of the ways to do it. Unfortunately some of us just do much better at learning from our own. I am also a big believer in making as many of my mistakes as possible in training so as to be able to learn from and avoid them in racing. I think including key sessions that teach pacing, nutrition and self control in a build up is as important as getting fit enough to do the race.

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Ironman Mallorca reflection and analysis 


The dust has settled and we have had some time to reflect on both the race and the build up to it. Here are some of both mine and Aisling’s thoughts about the result and where we go from here.

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The best type of Ironman training that’s not big volume


Someone commented on an article I wrote a while ago that while volume might be the best way to get Ironman fit that’s all well and good if you can fit it in. But what if you can’t fit in big volume? What if you just don’t have the time? Surely there are ways to improve but without committing so much time that you arrive home to find a suitcase on the doorstep after yet another 6 hour bike ride.
There is one type of training that delivers huge gains and is also key when it comes to racing. Being strong is as crucial to Ironman success as being fit. How do you get strong and why is it so important? Read on for the good stuff… Read More

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Ironman Mallorca Race Report


This was written at close to 1 am the night of the race. I had it rolling around in my head and was so wired on all the caffeine and sugar I’d taken on during the race and I was so bloody sore I had no hope of sleeping so I went to the kitchen and made food and wrote this. I eventually managed to get about 2-3 hours of sleep. It’s also written with all the emotion, exhaustion, elation and disappointment of race day still clouding my response to it a little. I’ll post a less emotional review and analysis of how it went and how I feel about it in my next post.

Race Report Ironman Mallorca 2016

The day started with a surprise announcement. Our apartment was 10 feet from transition and at 6am I heard Paul Kaye say over the PA system that the water temperature had dropped surprisingly overnight and we were going to be allowed to swim in wetsuits. We immediately texted everyone we knew who was racing to let them know before they left their hotels. After all the usual transition stuff which I won’t bore you with we headed to the swim, wished each other luck and headed to our respective start corrals. Ais had been nervous about the prospect of a non wetsuit swim and I think she was quite relieved it had been changed.

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